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"What about you? What precious perfume is locked inside your heart that could be lavished on our Lord? The little treasures you and I struggle to hold on to may hold back opportunities to worship Him with extravagant praise, releasing ministry and service to Him that will bless all those around us." Angela Munizzi

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wednesday check in

sunday's gem has been most helpful so far. looking for the "hand of providence" is a full-time job because God is EVERYWHERE!!! how wonderful is that, eh?

meanwhile, last week's gem is still living and active. though my bathroom still needs my undivided attention, i have been straightening up other areas of the house. why am i avoiding something i actually like to clean? i know that i am often afraid to achieve goals. it's an area i hate to struggle with, but it's funny because many times i will accomplish so many other things while avoiding what i should do. procrastination? yes, unfortunately.

i think i get in the mad rush to do other things because it makes me feel better about myself while giving in to the fear of doing the thing that needs doing. i set a goal, but instead of embracing my inner nike to "just do it" (which isn't always easy, but cleaning our bathroom certainly is) and work through the fear, i scurry to do many other "good things" and say, "whew! at least i'm getting stuff done."

there is light on the horizon because God is faithful! each moment i have a choice to follow Him - and i'm always glad when i do, even when the going gets hard. i'm glad God understands me perfectly - so much more than i understand myself! His hand will always be there for me to hold ... to receive His strength. can't do anything without it!!!

His mercies are new every morning. God, help me to obey as i follow You - now and always.

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  1. I'm so glad you're keeping up with this, Rosie. It's a gift to Gary and to yourself. I know when my house is a mess, my thinking follows. But when things are orderly, it's peaceful and I'm free to be more creative. I wish for you the same. I avoid cleaning bathrooms too. But really, who wants to wash up in a dirty one? Yuck :)